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Make your new or growing company more productive with Google Workspace, the “business version” of Gmail, shared documents, and online meetings.

Many growing businesses make the move from “freemail”, ISP email, and non-collaborative desktop documents & spreadsheets to Google Workspace.

How the Google Workspace Free Trial Works

After you sign up for a free trial, up to 10 users can explore all the features of Google Workspace, including business email and online storage for 14 days. Google Meet & Google Chat can also be tested.

You do not have to connect your “company.com” domain until you decide to subscribe to Google Workspace. If you do not yet have a domain, you can purchase one through Google Domains for as low as $12 per year.

What is The Cost at The End of the Trial?

There are four Google Workspace pricing plans. Google Workspace Business Starter costs $6 per user per month in the United States. Google Workspace Business Standard, which includes additional features such as 2 TB of file storage and the ability to archive all messages, costs $12 per user per month.

Learn More About Google Workspace

This site has a variety of blog posts that will help you to learn more about how Google Workspace can work for your business. The blog also contains information about related products & services from Google.

Google Workspace was first launched as Google Apps back in 2006. Because it was born in the cloud, it’s easy to access from anywhere on any device.

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