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What is Google Workspace?

Most people are aware of consumer Gmail. If you don’t personally use Gmail, you likely receive emails from friends and family with addresses.

Many people don’t realize that Gmail is also available to organizations.

Gmail is just one of the components of Google Workspace. Other components include Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Sites.

When Google Workspace is used by a company, a type address is associated with a business Gmail account. Even though a business domain is used—rather than the domain—the email interface has the same look and feel as a consumer Gmail account (minus the sponsored emails).

Business users can access their business Gmail account using the familiar Gmail interface. Long-time Outlook users can connect their Outlook desktop client to their business Gmail account.

Employees can collaborate on spreadsheets, presentations, and documents. Any of these can be edited by two or more users at the same time. Files no longer need to be emailed around for edits.

Google Drive provides shared cloud file storage with the ability for users to selectively share files with other users. And of course, there are Google Play and iOS apps available for all of the above.

Google Workspace Security

Using Google Workspace as an organization’s “email server” is, in many cases, more secure than using an email server that resides on a corporate network.

Google business accounts have an option for requiring 2-step verification (2SV) by all users. With 2SV, a business email account cannot be accessed from an unfamiliar machine or device until a six-digit code that is texted to the account owner’s mobile phone is entered at the time of login. A hardware security key is the strongest form of 2SV.

When a company’s entire employee email database resides in a file on a corporate server, it’s vulnerable to hackers who are able to penetrate the company’s perimeter security. On the other hand, Google customer email data is scattered in small pieces across Google’s global data centers.

On the topic of perimeter security, Google has legions of skilled engineers who are dedicated to fending off intrusions. Corporations are not in a position to dedicate a large number of resources to the same tasks. They are instead dependent on the reliability of security hardware and software solutions, supplemented by internal monitoring efforts.

Businesses That Adopt Google Workspace

According to Google, over six million businesses are currently using Google Workspace.

Many new businesses adopt Google Workspace. Often, the company founders grew up with consumer Gmail. They may have used Google Workspace for Education while in college.

It’s easy to give Google Workspace a test drive.

When a small business moves off of ISP (internet service provider) email, Google Workspace is often selected. An increasing number of enterprises have been adopting Google Workspace.

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