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If you’re considering a move from freemail or another business productivity platform to Google Workspace, the articles on this site may help you with your decision.

We adopted Google Workspace in 2008 when it was called Google Apps Premiere Edition. Over the years, we got more work done because we didn’t need to worry about maintaining desktop software or securing servers.

While cloud office apps are now commonplace, Google continues to innovate at a fast pace. This gives Workspace users an edge, with solid collaboration tools and more time to spend with customers and prospects.

If you already have Google Workspace and need help merging or separating Workspace environments, we recommend this Google Cloud Premier Partner.

Recent Articles About Workspace

Google Vids Templates

Google Vids – An AI-Powered Video Creation Tool

At Google Cloud Next ’24, Google announced a new AI-powered story-telling tool called Google Vids. Business user access to Google Vids will require a Gemini for Google Workspace subscription. It was first released on July … Read more →
Sheet Copilot

How to Use AI in Google Sheets to Save Time and Gain Insights

Using AI in Google Sheets can save users time and give them insights they may not otherwise have discovered. In a January 2024 Fast Company article, Kristina Behr, VP of Product Management For Collaboration Apps, … Read more →
Google Sheets IMPORTRANGE in Business

Using IMPORTRANGE in Google Sheets in Business

IMPORTRANGE is a function in Google Sheets that allows users to import a range of cells from one spreadsheet to another. This function is helpful for businesses that work with multiple spreadsheets and need to … Read more →

How to Import RSS Feeds Into Google Sheets with IMPORTFEED

By setting up Google Sheets as a free RSS (and Atom) reader with social posting formulas, you can share your content — and the content of others — on social channels more quickly and easily. … Read more →
Spreadsheets and slicer

What is a Google Sheets Slicer?

A slicer is an interactive tool that allows you to filter data in a pivot table, chart, or range in Google Sheets. It provides an intuitive and accessible way to control what data is displayed, … Read more →
SUMIF Function

Using SUMIF in Google Sheets

Google Sheets, a widely used spreadsheet app, offers many functions to streamline data handling. Among these, the SUMIF is a particularly popular function for business users, providing the capability to perform conditional sums within large … Read more →
Bitcoin vs Gold

Comparing Bitcoin vs Gold in Google Sheets

Google Sheets, available as part of consumer Gmail and organization-wide Google Workspace, allows users to easily create trend charts based on any source connected to a Google Sheet. There is a GOOGLEFINANCE function for the … Read more →
Gemini Google Workspace

Gemini for Google Workpace (Formerly Duet AI) – Is It Worth the Price?

‘Help me write’ is a compelling use case Google has incorporated ‘Gemini Business’ and ‘Gemini Enterprise’ (formerly Duet AI) generative AI into its B2B offering, Google Workspace. In this post, we’ll look at the features … Read more →
Gmail Mail Merge From Spreadsheet

Gmail Mail Merge vs. Email Marketing Systems

With all the excellent email marketing systems, why would you use mail merge (formerly multi-send) in Gmail? For one, Gmail merge is free for Google Workspace users (but it’s not part of the Business Starter … Read more →

Google Domains: Now Squarespace

Update: On June 15, 2023, the website builder Squarespace announced that it’s buying Google Domains for $180 million. Squarespace says that the companies will work together for a smooth transition. Squarespace also states that it … Read more →

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