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Google Workspace is a flexible collaboration & productivity solution for a constantly changing work environment

Millions of businesses, ranging in size from one person
to over 55,000 users, subscribe to Google Workspace (formerly G Suite)

Business Productivity Tools

Google Workspace Product Icons

The Google Workspace email and apps experience will be almost identical for anyone who has used consumer Gmail and its related productivity tools. Workspace applications include:

  • Gmail – includes Tasks, Contacts, and Keep
  • Calendar – with built-in online appointment booking
  • Docs – a sophisticated document editor with pageless functionality
  • Sheets – powerful spreadsheets that can connect to external data sources
  • Slides – presentations that can include audio, video, and charts from Sheets
  • Drawings – quickly create diagrams that you can share or insert into Docs
  • Drive – secure file sharing with sophisticated admin controls
  • Meet – video conferencing, all inside the browser
  • Chat – instant messaging with anyone who has a Google account
  • Spaces – collaborate with team members on a wide variety of topics
  • Forms – for polls, surveys, and website visitor conversion to leads
  • Jamboard – real-time collaboration and brainstorming with separate hardware options
  • Sites – create microsites or intranets to share content internally or publicly
  • Voice – an optional cloud-based telephone system for your organization (additional cost)

Your users can access all of these software apps from anywhere on their mobile devices. If users need to send and receive files in Microsoft formats such as Excel and Word, Google Workspace allows for converting to and from those file formats in all but the most complex cases.

Administrators can get online support from community experts, chatbots, and customer service representatives.

How Google handles your business’s data

Google has a cloud computing infrastructure with a large-scale commitment to reliability, privacy, security, compliance, and transparency. The company has over 700 security engineers who work to protect customer data.

Over a billion people use Google — across Workspace, consumer Gmail, YouTube, search, and other applications. So, Google has had to build a secure and scalable global infrastructure.

Free Trial: Enter or Request a Domain

During the free trial signup process, Google will ask you to either enter a domain you own or purchase a domain.

If you enter an existing domain name, that does not mean that you are committing to linking that domain to Google Workspace.

If you do not yet have a domain for your business but want to get one, you can request a domain during the signup process. Pricing from Google Domains is as low as $12 USD per year. You can also use a domain registered with GoDaddy or another registrar.

Whether you have established business email addresses or are planning to transition from Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, or Comcast mail to corporate email addresses, you’ll find that Google Workspace is an easy-to-use and productive experience for your users.

During the Workspace trial, you can go into the Admin Console to add users, assign roles, and add apps from the Google Workspace Marketplace.

Is Google Workspace Right For Your Size Company?

Businesses of any scale — ranging from sole proprietors to large enterprises — use Google Workspace.

The largest customer segment is companies with between 100 and 1,000 employees. The next largest segment is organizations with under 100 employees.

Workspace Customers By Employee Count

join the over 6 million businesses that are using workspace

What’s the Per-user Cost at the End of the Free Trial?

There are four Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) pricing plans.

  • Business Starter – $6 USD per user per month
  • Business Standard – $12 USD per user per month
  • Business Plus – $18 USD per user per month
  • Enterprise – for businesses with over 300 users

Each successive Workspace edition includes more storage and features. With the Flexible Plan, which is the default billing option for the first three editions, users can be removed at any time without penalty.

A reason to consider the Business Standard edition is that users get an average of 2 TB of Google Drive storage. By installing a Google Drive application on their local machines, users can back up all of their important information to the cloud. A separate subscription to a third-party cloud backup solution is not needed.

After you sign up for a Google Workspace trial, up to 10 users can use the account to explore all the features of Google Workspace, including business email and online storage. Google Meet & Google Chat can also be tested.

Note that Google has separate pricing for nonprofits, including a free edition.

Migrating from other platforms

If you need help migrating email, calendar, contacts, and more from other platforms, there are available tools. There is also an extensive partner network for assistance with configuring Google Workspace and importing data.

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