Google Workspace: Pageless Docs

Google announced a host of upcoming Google Workspace features at Google I/O 2021. One of the more interesting announcements was Pageless Docs.

When you think about it, page breaks on digital documents were designed to accommodate hardcopy printing.

Printer Paper

In digital mode, pagination can have a referential function (“see page 6”).

However, pagination interrupts the flow of an on-screen document. A page break can separate the descriptive text that’s above an image from the image itself.

Google is going to add an option to remove pagination.

This format will make documents behave more like a web page. Documents will have a continuous scroll and they will be responsive.

Google Docs Pageless Format

In fact, if the pageless format can be made publicly shareable, the line between a document and a web page will start to blur. For many content creators, a pageless Google Doc may be the best option for publicly sharing certain types of content.

Google Workspace is like a "business version" of consumer Gmail

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