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If you’re considering a move from freemail or another business productivity platform to Google Workspace, the articles on this site may help you with your decision.

We adopted Google Workspace in 2008 when it was called Google Apps Premiere Edition. Over the years, we got more work done because we didn’t need to worry about maintaining desktop software or securing servers.

While cloud office apps are now commonplace, Google continues to innovate at a fast pace. This gives Workspace users an edge, with strong collaboration tools and more time to spend with customers and prospects.

Singing Duet

Duet AI for Google Workspace

Google is in the process of incorporating the next level of generative AI into its B2B offering, Google Workspace. The chosen brand name is ‘Duet AI for Google Workspace.’ It will be available to businesses … Read more →
Enable Bard in Google Workspace

How To Enable Bard For Google Workspace Users

Bard is a large language model (LLM) chatbot developed by Google AI. It is trained on a large dataset of text and code. Bard can answer questions, translate languages, and write creative content & code. … Read more →

Google Domains: Enhance Your Business’s Online Presence

Google Domains is a domain name registrar that launched in January 2015. Google Domains lets you purchase one or more custom domain names for your business ( or yourself ( Domain Endings .com is only … Read more →
Google Sheets VLOOKUP

Using VLOOKUP in Google Sheets: Three Business Examples

VLOOKUP in Google Sheets is a useful function for matching up data in different locations within a spreadsheet. In this post, we’ll provide examples of how we used ChatGPT to simplify creating a VLOOKUP formula. … Read more →
Save Image As to Local Drive

How to Save an Image from a Google Doc

There may be times you want to download an image from a shared Google Doc to your local drive so that you can repurpose the image. Or, you may have lost track of the source … Read more →
Google vs Business Password Manager

Google Password Manager vs Business Password Managers

Google Password Manager is available to users of consumer Gmail and business users of Google Workspace, providing a site to manage and store logins, usernames, and passwords for various apps and services. This convenient feature … Read more →
A Brief History of Google Workspace

A Brief History of Google Workspace

It took less than a decade for Google to dominate the internet search engine market. Today, Google’s business productivity suite, Google Workspace (formerly G Suite), has over 6 million paying customers. It all started in … Read more →
Smart chip: Person details

Google Workspace Smart Chips: Productivity Enhancers

Smart chips in Google Workspace are an easy way to connect people, files, or events to a Google Doc. Smart chips are part of smart canvas, which is an updated product experience announced by Google … Read more →
Google Calendar New Event

Google Calendar ‘Appointment Schedules’ vs Free Calendly

Calendly is a web-based software application that allows people to easily schedule appointments with app subscribers from a booking page. Google Calendar is a time-management and scheduling calendar service that is part of Google Workspace. … Read more →
Google Workspace HIPAA

Is Google Workspace HIPAA Compliant?

If your organization is a HIPAA-covered entity, and you intend to use a cloud platform in connection with PHI, you may be asking if Google Workspace is HIPAA-compliant. The question of HIPAA compliance does not … Read more →
Creating Google Account

How To Create a Google Account Without Gmail

Many people have a need for a free Google Account. However, they don’t want or need a Gmail address. This includes longtime users of a personal email service from Microsoft, Yahoo, AOL, Comcast, and others. … Read more →
Google Sheets on Desktop Computer

Using the GOOGLEFINANCE Function In Google Sheets

The GOOGLEFINANCE function is part of Google Sheets. Google Sheets is available in both consumer Gmail and organization-wide Google Workspace. The function allows users to create trend charts and comparisons for financial assets with a … Read more →
Calculating Google Workspace Price

Google Workspace Pricing: What Your Business Can Expect to Pay

Google Workspace is a set of productivity and collaboration tools from Google for different types of organizations, including businesses, schools, nonprofits, and governments. Google Workspace includes popular online apps such as Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Sheets, … Read more →
Free Gmail vs. Google Workspace

16 Reasons to Move Your Business From Free Gmail to Business Gmail (Google Workspace)

If you have been using free Gmail for your business communications, here are the reasons to consider Google Workspace (formerly G Suite).
Business cost-cutting

6 Technology Cost-Cutting Ideas For Business

With the cost of almost everything going up, it’s more important than ever for businesses to find ways to cut costs. Many organizations spend too much money on business technology. This over-expenditure can be in … Read more →
Google Workspace Enterprise Users

Google Workspace Enterprise Adoption: Steady Progress

Google has made significant inroads into the small business market with Google Workspace. For business owners and employees who have been using consumer Gmail, moving to Google Workspace is an easy transition. However, Google has … Read more →
Google Docs in Data Center

How Does Google Docs Work?

Learn about how Google Docs works for both consumer Gmail users and for business Google Workspace users.
Share Drive Externally

Google Drive Visitor Sharing: Share Securely Outside Your Organization

One of the key advantages that Google Docs has over the competition is that users can share a document, spreadsheet, presentation, and other file types with any Google Workspace or consumer Gmail user outside of … Read more →
Google Meet Screen

6 Audio Options for Google Meet

Some of the options for making a Google Meet online meeting a great audio experience for all participants.
Google Meet Series One Desk 27

Google Meet Series One For Team Collaboration

Google Meet Series One is a family of products that includes two types of Google Meet hardware manufactured by Avocor — Desk 27 and Board 65. Series One is also the label for multi-component meeting … Read more →

Embed a Dynamic Google Sheets Pricing Table in a Proposal Document

Salespeople who regularly send out long-form proposals that contain pricing tables find that Google Docs tables are cumbersome to manage. A pricing table within a document, including recalculating totals, can’t be dynamically updated as easily … Read more →
Canva GIF Download

How To Add a GIF to Google Slides

Adding a GIF file to one or more slides can spruce up your Google Slides presentation. There are three ways to add a GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) file to Google Slides. Add a GIF on … Read more →
Camtasia Choose Region

How To Record a Voiceover on Google Slides

There are times you may want to record a voiceover on top of a Google Slides presentation. Your Slides voiceover may be for internal sharing within your organization. Or, your recording may be for sharing … Read more →
Chromebook for Business

Should You Consider Chromebook For Business Use?

A Chromebook is a laptop computer that runs Google’s lightweight operating system, Chrome OS. Chrome is based on open-source Linux. Chrome OS is so lightweight that it doesn’t support running traditional locally installed business applications. … Read more →
Audio Icon in a Slide

How to Add Audio to Google Slides: A Step-by-Step Guide

Google Slides is presentation software that’s part of Google Workspace and consumer Gmail. Any presentation can be enhanced by adding audio. In this post, we’ll explain how to insert audio files, including background music clips, … Read more →
Google Slide - 8.5 x 11

How to Make Google Slides Vertical

There are several reasons you may want to change your Google Slides from the default horizontal 16:9 aspect ratio into a vertical format. You want to use Google Slides to design a PDF brochure You’d … Read more →
Insert Video Google Slides

How to Add Video to Google Slides

There are two types of videos that can be embedded in Google Slides and then played back within a slide in Slideshow mode. The first type is a YouTube video. The second is a video … Read more →
Google Translate Sheets

Using Google Translate in Google Sheets

If you want to translate the complete contents of a webpage or a blog post — such as from English to Spanish — the Google Sheets GOOGLETRANSLATE function is a great way to create a … Read more →
Lake Shasta Water Level Line Chart

How to Make a Line Graph From an External Data Source in Google Sheets

To give you a concrete example of how to make a line graph in Google Sheets, we are first going to show you how to extract some real-world data from The State of California Department … Read more →
Merge Cells Vertically

How to Merge Cells in Google Sheets

There are a number of reasons you would want to merge cells in Google Sheets. One reason is that you need to add headings and an image to an instructional sheet such as on this … Read more →

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