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What is Google Workspace Individual?

Google Workspace Individual is different from Google Workspace [for teams].

“Individual” is designed for use by any of the more than 1.8 billion Gmail users who need to add business functionality to their Gmail account.

You can look at Google Workspace Individual as a paid feature upgrade for your Gmail address.

Note: you cannot connect a custom domain such as to Google Workspace Individual — your email address will remain the same and still end in

What are the features you get with the paid subscription? Below are general descriptions of the features so far. Google promises to add more.

Additional Google Meet capabilities

Group meetings in Google Meet can be up to 24 hours long instead of just one hour.

There are also advanced meeting features such as call recording, breakout rooms, advanced noise cancellation, hand-raising, polls, and dial-in numbers.

Let others book time with you online

If you are familiar with an online appointment scheduling application such as Calendly, Google offers similar functionality as part of its paid Gmail plan.

Unlike Calendly, which integrates with Google Calendar, this booking feature does not require integration between two different apps. People who have a “schedule” link can book an available time directly on your calendar.

Here’s a detailed comparison between Calendly and the ‘Appointment Schedule’ feature in Google Workspace Individual.

Email marketing functionality

Similar to an email marketing tool such as ConstantContact, this lets you select from and customize email templates.

You can then use a customize template to send an email to a large group of people.

Personalized, live support

With free Gmail, there is no access to live customer support (imagine if Google had to provide tech support to over 1.8 billion free users).

Paid subscribers can get access to customer support whenever they need it.

Google Workspace Individual lists for $9.99 per month. However, as of the date of this post, Google is offering it for $7.99.

Google offers a 14-day free trial. Paid subscribers can cancel the service at any time.


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