Google Workspace Pricing: What Your Business Can Expect to Pay

Google Workspace is a set of productivity and collaboration tools from Google for different types of organizations, including businesses, schools, nonprofits, and governments.

Google Workspace includes popular online apps such as Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Meet, Chat, Keep, and Drive for cloud storage.

With Google Workspace, users can collaborate on documents, spreadsheets, and presentation slides in real time. Team members can communicate using email, chat, online meetings, and by commenting within files. Telephone communication using Google Voice is a premium feature that costs extra.

This post will focus on how much for-profit businesses pay for Workspace.

Two Ways to Pay

Under the Flexible Plan, businesses can pay monthly with no contract. In addition, user licenses can be removed at the end of a monthly billing cycle with no penalty.

Under the Annual Plan, a company commits to a one-year contract, saving two months’ payments. Under the Annual Plan, payments are still made monthly.

Google Workspace Pricing

In each case below, we show the per-user per-month pricing for the Flexible Plan in the United States.

An important variable across plans is the amount of cloud storage space allocated to each user.

Storage space is not used by native Google Workspace files such as Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, and Sites.

Uploaded PDFs, Microsoft-formatted files, images, and videos all use storage space. In addition, emails and email attachments use Drive storage.

Features are additive — each successive plan includes everything in the lower tier plan.

Flexible plan pricing is as of March 14, 2023.

Business Starter

  • Flexible Plan – USD 7.20 Per User Per Month
  • Annual Plan – USD 6.00 Per User Per Month

Business Starter may be all that a business of one to five employees needs.

However, a significant limitation of this edition is that the per-user Google Drive storage under this plan is 30 GB.

Users who save emails indefinitely or upload many videos can soon consume their cloud storage allocation.

Business Standard

  • Flexible Plan – USD 14.40 Per User Per Month
  • Annual Plan – USD 12.00 Per User Per Month

Business Standard is the next step up from Starter. There are several reasons businesses upgrade from Starter to Standard.

A common reason is that this plan increases storage from 30 GB to 2 TB per user.

With Standard, users can access the Appointment schedule feature to publish an online availability and booking calendar.

The Standard plan allows Google Meet video meetings to be recorded and saved to Google Drive. In addition, a noise canceling feature is added to Meet — this helps to minimize the sound of barking dogs and other distractions.

This plan includes Google Workspace Migrate, a tool for migrating data from Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, or OneDrive. Data can also be migrated from Box and other WorkSpace accounts.

Business Plus

  • Flexible Plan – USD 21.60 Per User Per Month
  • Annual Plan – USD 18.00 Per User Per Month

With this plan, each user has 5 TB of cloud storage.

Video meetings can include up to 250 participants. This level includes meeting attendance tracking.

Also added are enhanced security and management controls, including Vault and advanced endpoint management.

Business Plus includes Secure LDAP for connecting LDAP-based applications and services to Google Workspace.

Enterprise – Pricing Not Published

The Enterprise plan is the only option for businesses with 300 or more users.

Getting a price quote for Enterprise requires contacting Google sales. This implies the price for a large user count is subject to discussion and negotiation.

The Enterprise plan does not have a Google Drive storage upper limit since an admin can “request additional storage if needed” at no cost.

This plan includes several options and features not part of the lower-priced plans. For example, AppSheet is included in the plan.

The plan also includes capabilities that enterprise IT managers require, including data loss prevention (DLP), Cloud Identity Premium, context-aware access, security center, and S/MIME encryption.

Enterprise customers receive Enhanced Support, which means one one-hour response time for Priority 1 cases and 24/7 access to priority support.

With four different Google Workspace choices, business buyers can choose the plan and price that best fits their requirements and budget.

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