Why Become a Google Customer Instead of Just a Gmail User?

When someone uses a free service such as Gmail, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, they are not a customer of the service provider.

For free services such as these, the customers of the service provider are the advertisers.

The product offered by the service provider to advertisers is a combination of the service itself and the users of the service. In other words, free users are a part of a product offering for advertisers.

As such, many free services, including those referenced above, include inline ads. These are usually in the form of sponsored posts or messages.

Gmail Inline Ads

Free users are a source of demographic and online behavioral data that service providers can use to better target their advertisers’ (customers’) ads. As long as user data is not shared outside of a service provider’s organization, incorporating this information actually benefits a user.

How? By providing more relevant ads to the user. In marketing speak, these ads are better targeted to a user’s preferences.

As long as a user of a free service is going to see ads, the ads might as well be for something the user might consider buying—as opposed to ads for things that are irrelevant to the user.

Some service providers allow personal user data to leave their platform. Facebook reportedly gave large companies special access to user data in 2018.

Google, which seems to have higher privacy standards than Facebook, does not allow personal data to leave its platform. Nor does Google use sensitive personal information for its ad targeting. In fact, Google allows a user to disable ad personalization altogether across Gmail, YouTube and other Google properties.

Despite Google’s personalization controls, ads will persist within the Gmail interface as promoted messages.

So, how can a user become a customer of a service provider instead of being part of the product? How can they stop seeing ads, targeted or otherwise?

How can a user prevent having their demographic and online behavior from being used at all, including for benign purposes such as targeted ads?

By paying for the service.

Facebook does not yet offer a paid level of service. Nor does Twitter. LinkedIn has a paid option called LinkedIn Premium.

How to Become a Google Customer

Google has multiple paid possibilities for current Gmail users.

1. Google Workspace for Individuals

For Gmail users who need more business functionality, Google Workspace Individual offers more Meet features, online appointment booking, light email marketing capability, and personalized customer support.

2. Google One

A Gmail user can subscribe to the minimum level of additional Google One file storage. The cost for 100GB of additional file storage is only $1.99 per month (or $19.99 if pre-paid for a year). Gmail users who want to use Google One as an alternative to a service such as Dropbox can subscribe to higher levels of file storage—all the way up to a whopping 30TB.

3. YouTube Music & YouTube Premium

A Gmail user can subscribe to YouTube Music or to YouTube Premium. An individual membership to the latter is $11.99 per month. A family membership is $17.99 per month.

A YouTube Premium subscription will suppress YouTube ads.

4. Google Workspace [For Teams]

A single Gmail user or a group of Gmail users within an organization can move to an option called Google Workspace. Gmail users can keep their free Gmail account and optionally forward their incoming emails from Gmail to paid Google Workspace. They can easily toggle between their consumer and business email accounts.

In many ways, Google Workspace is identical to Gmail. However, there are some key differences aside from the absence of ads.

For small businesses, an important Google Workspace benefit is the ability to use a custom domain such as yourcompany.com.

Whether it’s a quick and inexpensive addition of file storage or a move to a business version of Gmail, free Gmail users can become Google customers and stop seeing ads.

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