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A Sales Productivity Tool for G Suite and Gmail Users

Sales Productivity in GmailFor anyone who is in sales and who uses either G Suite or Gmail, there’s a new sales productivity platform from Cirrus Insight that’s worth taking on a test drive.

Cirrus Insight’s flagship product was a Chrome extension for Gmail to Salesforce integration. Recently, the company expanded its offering to become a a broad and useful feature set for any user of Gmail or G Suite — regardless of whether they are using a specific CRM application.

Through a combination of internal inventions and acquisitions, Cirrus has assembled a “dream suite” of tools that most salespeople will appreciate.

Here is an overview of a few of the ways that salespeople can benefit from the Cirrus platform. Continue reading A Sales Productivity Tool for G Suite and Gmail Users

Selling and Chargeable Time

I was just introduced to what sounded like a fairly old (even old school) concept in selling — but one that still applies today.

The concept goes something like this.  While a salesperson does not explicitly trade hours for dollars the way a lawyer or a consultant does, a salesperson still ultimately derives his or her income based on the idea of chargeable time.  Chargeable time for a salesperson includes only two things — finding prospects and communicating with prospects. Continue reading Selling and Chargeable Time