How to Add Users to G Suite

Updated: April 25, 2019

Add Users to G SuiteThere are more similarities between free, consumer Gmail and G Suite than there are differences. In fact, G Suite can be viewed as a multi-user version of consumer Gmail.

When a single user platform becomes multi-user, an administrative level is needed for tasks such as adding and deleting users, creating groups, assigning apps and managing security.

Fortunately, adding users to G Suite is a straightforward process for an admin. The creator of a G Suite account is a super administrator by default. One or more admin roles can optionally be assigned to any user. One of the admin roles is called User Management Admin. This role allows a user to create, delete and update individual users (other than admin users).

Only a super administrator, however, can bulk upload new users.

Step 1

Go to the admin console at You can also navigate to the console from within Gmail by clicking on the gear icon and selecting Manage This Domain.

Gmail - Manage This Domain Option

Step 2

In the Admin Console, click on Users.

G Suite Admin Console

Step 3

Click on the plus sign in the upper left. You will have the option to add multiple users (via .CSV upload) or add a single user. Click on the icon next to Add new user.

G Suite Add User or Users

Detailed instructions on uploading multiple users can be found here.

Step 4

In the Create new user dialog, enter the user’s first name, last name and email address prefix. A temporary password will be automatically created. A password can also be manually created.

G Suite Create User Dialog

Step 5

Email the instructions to the new user, print them or verbally provide the user with the URL, username and password.

G Suite Create User Confirmation

Step 6 (Optional)

Give the user access to any G Suite services aside from the basics. Add the user to any Groups they should be a part of. Add email address aliases for the user.


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