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Using Google Translate Within Google Sheets

If you want to translate the complete contents of a webpage or a blog post — such as from English to Spanish — the Google Sheets GOOGLETRANSLATE function is a great way to create a first draft translation.

A Google Sheet also helps you to better organize the translation process. You can add each heading and its associated paragraph text into their own separate rows.

Of course, you will want to have a native speaker of the destination language make the final edits and add links to the right places before you publish the translated content.

English to Spanish with Google Translate

As an example, here is an English to Spanish Google translation of the first part of this blog post from Discover Boating. We selected Discover Boating, as they are very consistent in the structure of their content.

We simply copied and pasted the blog post’s headings and paragraph text into separate cells in Column B. Column A is used to identify the element — either Heading 1, Heading 2, or paragraph.

The formula in cell C2, which is the translation of the blog’s main heading, is simply:


The rest of Column C can be filled down from this cell.

Google Translate in Google Sheets

You can then copy and paste the contents of Column C into a blog editor such as WordPress for human editing and link adding.

English to French Translation in Google Sheets

With just a couple of clicks, the same blog post content can be translated from English to French.

Simply change the third parameter in the formula from “es” to “fr”


Here is a list of two-letter codes (ISO 639-1) for each language.

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