We Looked at Organic Search Traffic for Over a Million Google My Business Websites

We took a look the data for more than a million Google My Business (GMB) websites across ten countries to answer the question:

Should a GMB website be your business’s only site?


A Primer on Google My Business Websites

Any business that has a Google My Business profile (most do) can create a free website within their GMB profile.

A GMB website is a one-page website that practically builds itself. A GMB website auto-populates from your business profile’s recent photos, videos, posts, and reviews. The page also displays your address, phone number, and business hours in the footer. Above the footer is a clickable map.

The default URL is:


However, you can order a custom domain from Google Domains and point that domain to your GMB website.

The only items that can and should be set up manually within the website editor are as follows. Technically, these are all optional — but it is worth addressing each.

  • Define what top button does
  • Edit the headline
  • Edit the description
  • Add a Summary header
  • Add a Summary body

The Data Source

We looked at data from Ahrefs.com in order to give you an idea of how these sites perform in terms of organic search traffic.

Ahrefs.com data is ever changing (since the web is in constant flux), but here’s what we observed as of June 11, 2021.

The Number of GMB Websites By Country

Here are the top 10 countries by number of Google My Business websites. These countries alone account for almost 1.5 million sites.

Top 10 Countries By Number of GMB Websites

GMB Website Traffic in the United States

Ahrefs reported that there are 533,062 Google My Business websites in the U.S.

The organic search across all sites was reported to be 527,400 visitors per month.

That’s an average of just under 1 visitor per website per month (from search).

Only 12 of 533,000+ pages had 1,000 or more visits from organic search in the U.S.

Only the top 450 pages (0.0008%) had over 100 visitors per month from organic search.

Top 100 U.S. GMB Websites by Traffic

Google My Business Website Traffic in the United Kingdom

Ahrefs reported that there are 74,804 Google My Business websites in the U.K.

The total traffic from organic search was reported to be 64,400 visitors per month.

That’s also an average of just under 1 visitor per website per month.

Only 3 of 74,000+ pages had 1,000 or more visitors per month.

Google My Business Website Traffic in Australia

Ahrefs reported that there are 76,037 Google My Business websites in Australia.

The total traffic from organic search was reported to be 85,100 visitors per month.

That’s also an average of just over 1 visitor per website per month.

Only 1 of 76,000+ pages had 1,000 or more visitors per month.

What does this all mean?

Keep in mind that organic search is only one way for people to get to your business’s website.

What may be more important for your business is the direct traffic that you get when people click on the website button in your Google My Business profile. Ahrefs does not report on this type of referral traffic.

If your business appears in the Local Pack for a number of different searches, people may never even visit your website. They may simply call you or drive to your location.

Can you get more people to find your GMB site through search?

A one-page website means that there are no product or services pages. It also means that there is no blog. Therefore, the website’s one and only page has to rank well in search.

Ranking factors for the top sites include some of the following elements.

1. A brand and/or a keyword contained within the headline

If your business has a strong local brand due to longevity, word of mouth, promotion, and other factors, inclusion of that brand in the headline is likely important.

For less well known brands, using a relevant keyword instead of your brand appears to be important.

2. High quality, relevant images and videos

Your most recent nine photo/video uploads display on the site.

If you are in the retail appliance business, make sure to have quality photos of refrigerators and ovens. If your business is a restaurant, upload pictures of some of your delicious dishes.

It’s important to know that Google can “see” objects and read legible text in images. Drag and drop a picture that’s related to your business onto Google’s Cloud Vision API page to see what Google sees.

Google Cloud Vision API: Restaurant Sign

3. A list of services and prices in the Summary body section

The summary body section is your only greenfield text area. Make sure to include relevant messaging for your audience that includes your keyword. You can also link out to your other web properties, such as your social media pages.

4. Backlinks

As with any website, you can increase organic search traffic by getting backlinks from authoritative websites.

What if you still don’t get enough traffic to your GMB website?

Despite your best efforts, you may not be able to meet your traffic goals with a one-page website.

To get the level of organic search traffic you’re targeting, you might have to set up a traditional, multi-page site in addition to your GMB site.

With this type of site, you can create separate product and/or services pages. You can also start a blog to help more people become aware of your business.

Since page experience has become a lot more important for ranking, we’d recommend a site running on WordPress along with a lightweight theme like GeneratePress.

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