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How To Strikethrough on Google Docs

There are several reasons you would want to strikethrough text in a Google Doc.

One of our favorite use cases is to strikethrough completed items in a meeting agenda’s bulleted list.

Google Docs: Strikethrough Example

One way to strikethrough text is by using a keyboard shortcut while editing a document.

1. On a Windows computer, highlight the text you want to strike. Then, simultaneously press Alt + Shift + 5 on your keyboard.

Google Docs Strikethrough: Windows Keyboard

2. On a Mac, highlight the text. Then, press ⌘ (command) + shift + X at the same time.

Google Docs Strikethrough: Mac Keyboard

Another option for adding a strikethrough to text is to highlight the text and then select Format > Text > Strikethrough from the menu.

Google Docs Strikethrough Text

You can use the same process to remove a strikethrough line from any text that was previously stricken.

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