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New Google Sites 2016: A “Host” of Possibilities

New Google SitesThe rollout of new Google Sites to all G Suite customers that are on the Rapid Release track began on November 9, 2016. The Scheduled Release will follow two weeks later.

The original Google Sites, now called “Classic Google Sites” was released in 2008 after the acquisition of JotSpot in 2006. The product did not see much in the way of enhancements for many years.

The new Google Sites appears to be built from the ground up, which means not only a modern set of design components and full device responsiveness, but an app that fits in much better with the rest of the G Suite offerings. Continue reading New Google Sites 2016: A “Host” of Possibilities

Five Google Sites Use Cases

Google Sites is not necessarily the first application that enters the mind of most people as a platform for building out a corporate website, but there are a number of Google Sites use cases that organizations can take advantage of.

One of the great aspects of Google Sites is the fact that it has the built-in sharing options that are common to all Google Apps components. These granular permission levels make Google Sites easy to adapt to a variety of “non standard” use cases.

Here are five ways to use Google Sites other than as a corporate website platform. Continue reading Five Google Sites Use Cases