How To Remove Duplicates In Google Sheets

DuplicatesThere are a number of cases in which you may want to remove duplicates from a list of records using Google Sheets.

For example, you may want to remove duplicate records before importing a list of leads into a CRM system such as Salesforce—or into a marketing automation system like ActiveCampaign.

Despite all of Google’s human and artificial intelligence capabilities, Sheets does not have a very sophisticated deduplication logic… yet.

For example, Remove Duplicates will not merge the best data from two matching records into one. It simply keeps the matching record with the lower row number.

But, as a “quick & dirty” dedupe tool, Sheets Remove Duplicates does fine. Here’s how it works.

1. Import a source CSV file into a Google Sheet

In this example, we will remove duplicate rows based on a matching email address. You can see that we have a pair of matching records based on email address.

Google Sheets Duplicate

2. Select all columns and rows.

Google Sheets select all cells

3. From the menus, select Data > Remove Duplicates

Google Sheets Remove Duplicates

4. In the Remove duplicates lightbox:

  • Check the Data has a header row checkbox
  • Uncheck Select All and then recheck the Email column

Google Sheets Remove Duplicates Lightbox

5. Click the Remove duplicates button.

You will see a confirmation message similar to the following:

Google Sheets: Remove Duplicates Results

Remember, a simple click on Undo will restore the matching records.

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