Rackspace Webmail vs. Google Workspace For Small Business

Google Workspace vs. Rackspace WebmailWhen a small business owner or manager decides to make the move from free consumer email addresses (e.g., jake2874@comcast.net) to custom email addresses (e.g., jake@abbottsolar.com), there are a number of business email options.

Aside from Microsoft, two of the most popular business email providers are Rackspace and Google.

As service providers, Google and Rackspace differ in many ways. However, they do overlap in a couple of areas.

One area is IaaS, or Infrastructure as a Service. Google Compute Engine and Rackspace Public Cloud are competing offerings. However, neither one of these apply to small business.

The second area, which does apply to small business, is email.

Why would a business use Rackspace Webmail over Google Workspace?

The main reason is price. At $2 per user per month, Rackspace is a very affordable email hosting service for small business. Rackspace’s site also promotes a high level of free hand holding.

At $6 per user per month for the Basic version, Google Workspace is over twice the price of Rackspace Webmail.

Why would a business use Google Workspace over Rackspace Webmail?

There are several reasons. The first is to preserve a familiar user experience for employees who are accustomed to consumer Gmail and Calendar.

The second reason is the set of applications included with Google Workspace. In addition to email, Google Workspace users have access to a host of business productivity apps including Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drawings, My Maps, and Sites.

These applications allow employees to create, share and collaborate in a variety of ways, without the need for installed desktop software.

A third reason is to potentially take advantage of a Google Workspace compatible CRM such as Copper or to have an integrated Salesforce and webmail experience using Cirrus Insight.

A business owner on a tight budget should assess whether, for their type of business and current circumstances, the additional $3 per user per month for Google Workspace would provide commensurate value.

Google Workspace is like a "business version" of consumer Gmail

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