Google Jamboard: A Cloud-Connected Whiteboard

Google has just raised the bar on collaboration with G Suite by announcing the Jamboard, the first hardware component of the recently rebranded Google Apps.

Jamboard is touted as being able to merge the worlds of physical and digital creativity. A 55-inch 4K touchscreen, it will ship in 2017 and will cost around $6,000.

Update: Google announced that Jamboard will enter general availability May 2017 at a price of $4999 plus a $600 annual management and support fee (discounted to $300 for your first year if you purchase by Sept. 30, 2017).

Drawings, or ‘jams’ are automatically saved to Google Drive so that they can be later accessed and edited.

Google has provided a “send me updates” form on this page. If your company is not using G Suite, you can get Jamboard-ready by signing up:

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