How G Suite Gives Each User Unlimited Email Addresses

There are two ways in which a G Suite user can have an unlimited number of inbound email addresses associated with their G Suite account. We’ll refer to these ways as “dimensions”, as they can be used in combination.

G Suite Email Aliases

The first dimension of unlimited email addresses are email aliases. Aliases are assigned to a user account by a G Suite admin. An admin can assign multiple values to what is technically called the Local-part of the email address, or the part before the @ sign.

In the following example, you will see that Lou’s default email address is Lou must use this address to login to her email account.

However, the G Suite admin has assigned multiple aliases to Lou, which means that Lou can provide a contact with any of the listed variants shown in the Aliases section.

G Suite User Email Aliases

G Suite Gmail “Plus Addressing”

Any G Suite user’s email address’s Local-part can be appended with “+” and a string. This is known as plus addressing. It is the second dimension to unlimited email addresses. Plus addressing also works with consumer Gmail.

If one of Lou’s email address aliases is:

Lou can submit a web form on a vendor’s website using:

A major reason for using plus addressing is to filter incoming messages. For example, using a filter, Lou could send all newsletters to the same label (Gmail’s name for folder), provided Lou subscribes to newsletters using +newsletter in the Local-part.

Lou could also use an automation tool such as IFTTT to text message alert her if a VIP has sent her an email.

Since the two dimensions can work in combination, this email address is also valid:

In other words, any alias Local-part will work with any plus addressing Local-part.

A Difference Between Consumer Gmail and G Suite Gmail

What does work with consumer Gmail, but does not work with G Suite Gmail is adding periods to the Local-part of the email address (unless addresses with periods are added via aliases by a G Suite admin).

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