Google Drive Videos: 6 Business Use Cases

Upload Video File to Google Drive

If your organization uses G Suite, you may have discovered that when you upload a video to Google Drive, it’s not simply a stored file — the video can be played inline.

What’s more, Google Drive uses the YouTube engine to play uploaded videos. When playing a Google Drive video, the interface has the appearance of a slimmed down version of the YouTube player.

A video file can be uploaded to Google Drive just as any other file would be – by selecting New > File Upload or by dragging and dropping one or more files into a folder.

As with any Google Drive file, an uploaded video file can be assigned a number of different sharing options. For example, a video can be shared with just one other Google Drive user. Another sharing option is that a video or video folder can be accessed by anyone who has the link — this option is similar to the “unlisted” setting in YouTube.

Sharing Google Drive Videos

Why Upload Video Files to Google Drive?

There are several business use cases for Google Drive videos.

Allow others to review a video before posting to YouTube

Since YouTube does not allow for replacing videos, once a video is posted, it can’t be modified. If a video is first uploaded to Google Drive, it can be shared with other users for review. Unfortunately, there is no “Can Comment” option for videos, but a Doc can be added to the video’s folder for peer comments.

Share a recording of an internal webcast

Organizations often record their internal webcasts. The recordings can be uploaded to Google Drive and shared with all employees and contractors — but not shared outside the organization.

Share internal instructional videos

If a new app is being launched within the organization, custom tutorials can be recorded, uploaded and then shared with internal users.

Share videos with prospects or customers without having to be a YouTube account administrator

Since any Google Drive user can upload and share a video, a user could record a video or a screencast with content that’s specific to a prospect or customer. The video can then be shared with only that customer or prospect.

Record video in the field and upload to Google Drive

For realtors, contractors, or anyone else who needs to make video recording of properties or job sites, the mobile Google Drive app can be used to upload videos to Google Drive from the a mobile device’s photo/video library.

Embed Google Drive Videos in slide decks

A Google Drive video can be inserted into a Google Slides presentation.

Tips for Google Drive Videos

1. Google Drive videos links are long. Before sharing a link, it’s best to use Google URL Shortener to shorten the URL. Plus, you’ll get some high level activity metrics.

2. Google Drive videos can be embedded in website pages and posts. It’s like embedding an unlisted YouTube video and removing all YouTube branding. Here’s an example of an embedded Google Drive video. This happens to also be one of our most popular YouTube videos.

3. Unlike in YouTube, Google Drive videos can be replaced with new versions. This can be done by right clicking on the video, selecting Manage Versions and then clicking on the Upload new version button.

Manage Google Drive Video Versions

4. If you want to upload a lot of raw footage files to a Google Drive folder, you can do this easily by dragging and dropping a group of video files into a folder.

5. A downside to uploading videos to Google Drive is that you cannot change the still shot or thumbnail that appears.


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