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How Google Workspace Gives Each User Unlimited Email Addresses

There are two ways in which a Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) user can have an unlimited number of inbound email addresses associated with their Google Workspace account. We’ll refer to these ways as “dimensions”, as they can be used in combination.

Google Workspace Email Aliases

The first dimension of unlimited email addresses are email aliases. Aliases are assigned to a user account by a Google Workspace admin. An admin can assign multiple values to what is technically called the Local-part of the email address, or the part before the @ sign.

In the following example, you will see that Lou’s default email address is Lou must use this address to login to her email account.

However, the Google Workspace admin has assigned multiple aliases to Lou, which means that Lou can provide a contact with any of the listed variants shown in the Aliases section.

Google Workspace User Email Aliases



Google Workspace Gmail “Plus Addressing”

Any Google Workspace user’s email address’s Local-part can be appended with “+” and a string. This is known as plus addressing. It is the second dimension to unlimited email addresses. Plus addressing also works with consumer Gmail.

If one of Lou’s email address aliases is:

Lou can submit a web form on a vendor’s website using:

A major reason for using plus addressing is to filter incoming messages. For example, using a filter, Lou could send all newsletters to the same label (Gmail’s name for folder), provided Lou subscribes to newsletters using +newsletter in the Local-part.

Lou could also use an automation tool such as IFTTT to text message alert her if a VIP has sent her an email.

Since the two dimensions can work in combination, this email address is also valid:

In other words, any alias Local-part will work with any plus addressing Local-part.

A Difference Between Consumer Gmail and Google Workspace Gmail

What does work with consumer Gmail, but does not work with Google Workspace Gmail is adding periods to the Local-part of the email address (unless addresses with periods are added via aliases by a Google Workspace admin).

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11 thoughts on “How Google Workspace Gives Each User Unlimited Email Addresses”

  1. Question: do you have to pay for each alias separately? If I subscribe to the basic Business Starter plan for Workspace at 7.80Cdn/month how many email aliases can I create? I will be the only user accessing them.

  2. Is there an alternative to ““Plus Addressing” as we are facting the problem that some of our clients we want to use it for, have old mail servers which reject the “+” in the email address as invalid email.
    Any idea what we could do (besides creating of Alias email adresses, which would not work for us, as we are sending out hundreds of emails like this per day)? Thx


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