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Embed a “Live” Google Sheets Pricing Table in a Proposal Doc

Embed Spreadsheet Pricing Table in DocumentFor salespeople who regularly send out long form proposals that contain pricing tables, there has always been a conundrum.

That is, a pricing table within in a document can’t be dynamically updated as easily as a spreadsheet table. The word processing capabilities within a spreadsheet are limited.

Often, a proposal’s pricing table is revised several times before the final version of a proposal is sent to the prospect or customer. This can require manual effort. Either the new bottom line in the document table needs to be hand calculated when line items are changed — or the spreadsheet table must be re-copied/pasted a into the document.

This leaves many salespeople wondering, “why can’t a document and a spreadsheet be better integrated to save me time?”

The Embedded Pricing Table Solution

In 2017, Google released new functionality for personal Gmail users and business Google Workspace users that addresses this issue.

A range of spreadsheet cells can be copied from a Google Sheet and pasted into a document as a table.

The table in the document can be linked to the spreadsheet (the default option). When the spreadsheet is updated, the table in the document can be updated with the click of a button.Paste Google Sheets Cells Into Doc

Here’s a video that explains how this works.

Any formatting changes made in the Google Sheet can be updated in the doc with the a push of the Update button. However, the converse is not true. The pricing table in the document can be unlinked from the spreadsheet if needed.

Once the proposal is ready to be sent to the customer or prospect, it can be saved as a PDF and then emailed.

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