Google Meet Hardware Options

Aside from a laptop computer, desktop computer, or smartphone, Google Meet has several hardware options.

These options allow Google Meet hosts and attendees to walk into a meeting space and quickly ‘tap and join’ a meeting without using their devices.

Some also provide a big-screen experience and far better audio quality than a personal-use device.

Prices range from approximately $1,700 to over $5,000, catering to various budgets.

Whether for a huddle room or an ample conference room, there’s a hardware option that fits.

Google Meet Series One Desk 27

Google Meet Series One is a family of products that includes two types of Google Meet hardware manufactured by Avocor — Desk 27 and Board 65.

Desk 27 and Board 65 received a 2022 Red Dot award for design innovation.

Desk 27 can be placed on an individual’s desktop or in a shared workspace like a conference room.

The unit has an integrated camera, speaker, and microphone.

A user can start a Google Meet with a single touch. They can also begin a meeting with a voice command, such as, “Hey Google, start my meeting.”

There is a USB-C connector for connecting a laptop computer.

Google Meet Series One Board 65

Board 65 is similar to Desk 27 but in a larger form factor. Board 65 can be wall-mounted in small-to-medium-size areas.

The board can also be mounted on an optional stand for mobility as a shared resource or for setting up meetings anywhere in an office.

Meeting participants can connect their laptops to Board 65 via a USB-C for power, device control, and content sharing.

Poly Studio Series

Another meeting room option is the Poly Studio series.

In September 2023, Google announced dual display support on the Poly Studio X50, X52, and X70 devices.

Adding a second screen is as simple as plugging a second display into the display port.

Logitech Android Appliances

In January 2024, Google announced that when updated to CollabOS 1.11, Google Meet can be selected for conferencing on the Logitech Rally Bar and Rally Bar Mini appliances.

Google Meet hardware licenses are required and can be purchased from a Google Meet hardware reseller. 

Google provides setup instructions for this option.

Where to Buy

Google Meet hardware and software licenses can be ordered online from Google reseller partners such as Gecko Technology Partners and Promevo.

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