How Salesforce Leveraged Google Apps for its Lightning Launch

During today’s Google Atmosphere, a number of Google’s customers were profiled. Representatives from each described how they were able to benefit from using Google Apps. Among those was Salesforce, which as been a long time user of Google Apps for Work.

In particular, Salesforce leveraged Google Hangouts for its recent Lightning launch. Salesforce was able to engage user groups all over the world by shipping webcams, speakers and microphones to user group locations and then frequently cutting to user group cameras during the event, via Google Hangouts.

With millions of end users, hundreds of user groups, 2.3 million people in its developer community and thousands of partners, many of whom had contributed to the Lightning roadmap, it was important for Salesforce to put representative members of these communities at the center of the Lightning launch.

Sarah Franklin, the VP of Admin Marketing at Salesforce, explained why it’s an exciting time to be a marketer with technologies like Hangouts available.

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