Three Great Apps For Scheduling and Tracking Gmail

Through the use of simple-to-install browser apps and extensions, several vendors now offer Gmail users instant access to business productivity and sales enablement tools.

Users of business Gmail, part of Google Apps for Work, have several options for scheduling emails, tracking whether emails were opened and finding out whether links were within opened emails were clicked by recipients. And this is only a subset of the empowering functionality that’s available to Gmail users.

Here are three vendors that provide Gmail scheduling, tracking and a lot more — including key CRM interaction for Salesforce users.

1. Boomerang

Designed for users of both consumer Gmail and business Gmail, Boomerang for Gmail allows for scheduling emails for later delivery.

Boomerang can also send user a reminder email if they don’t hear back after a specified period of time.

Boomerang plans range from free to $49.95 per month.

Boomerang Premium, the most expensive plan, provides basic integration with Salesforce by automatically inserting the Email to Salesforce BCC address.

Discounted pricing is available for volume subscriptions, via Boomerang for Teams.

2. YesWare

YesWare can not only track whether emails sent from Gmail were opened, but it can also track recipient activity related to attachments and linked presentations.

YesWare’s Gmail scheduling feature is called “Send Later”.

YesWare’s Team and Enterprise plans offer the type of functionality that you’d expect to see in other business applications, including reporting, templates and permission levels.

The Enterprise plan, which is $40 per user per month, provides Salesforce integration features, including a Salesforce sidebar within the Gmail interface.

Users can also send a mass email to up to 200 recipients at a time using the Mail Merge feature.

3. Cirrus Insight

Cirrus Insight was originally designed specifically for users of both Gmail and Salesforce. As such, Cirrus includes rich Salesforce integration. The Salesforce sidebar within Gmail operates like a scaled down version of Salesforce, with the ability for users to access multiple levels of Salesforce data. Users can add and edit records right from the Gmail interface.

Cirrus Insight recently introduced new functionality for Salesforce and Gmail that allows for scheduling and tracking emails that are sent from Gmail.

Unlike Boomerang for Gmail and YesWare, Cirrus shows lists only a single plan on its website. A Cirrus salesperson needs to be contacted for enterprise and volume pricing.

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