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Where is G Suite Data Stored?

G Suite Data StorageGmail and G Suite use the same global data storage as Google’s search engine.

Google currently has 15 data global data centers. The first data center was built on the Oregon side of the Columbia River in 2006.

Google stores subscriber data (email, documents, spreadsheets, etc.) in small pieces. Each of those pieces is copied several times and stored in multiple geographic locations. Continue reading Where is G Suite Data Stored?

Backing Up Your Company’s Cloud Data

As businesses increasingly rely on cloud applications, should they be thinking about a backup strategy for their cloud data?  While the top tier cloud vendors have multiple levels of redundancy, there’s still a [very slight] possibility of a compound disaster that could relate in some data loss. In addition, there’s always the possibility of a “keyboard disaster”, which can occur no matter how good the technical protections are. Continue reading Backing Up Your Company’s Cloud Data