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Scheduling Vendor Reports That Google Meet is #2

Google Meet SchedulingThe AI-driven meeting scheduling vendor reported in a March 18, 2020 blog post that Google Meet is being used in 24.83% of all video conference meetings scheduled using their app.

Zoom is being used in 69.13% of meetings. That means all other online meeting platforms among’s customers account for only 6.04%.

Keep in mind that Zoom meetings can be hosted by anyone, regardless of what office suite or email client they’re using. Google Meet is specific to Google Workspace.

What is is a scheduler app that’s in the same category as Calendly. Online scheduling apps take the back and forth communication out of setting up meetings. adds artificial intelligence that make scheduling, accepting, changing and canceling online meetings easier and more efficient.

The virtual schedulers for are twin AIs named Amy and Andrew Ingram. Among other things, Amy and Andrew can intelligently reschedule meetings among meeting guests.

For Google Workspace users, there is a multi-point integration with

A Google Workspace or Gmail user can sign into My using their Google account. There will then be the usual “allow access” window that pops up along with authentication to a third party app: Google Workspace Permissions

How do Meet and work together?

An user can create one or more meeting templates. Each meeting template can have its own name, URL, location, duration, available dates/times and a lot more.

A location can be a physical location or an online meeting app such as Google Meet, Zoom, WebEx or GoToMeeting.

Edit Meeting Template

An user can share individual meeting links with their contacts. Alternatively, they can share a link to a Calendar page that displays all enabled templates. Calendar Page

The URL for a Calendar page is:[something you choose]

Google Calendar &

After someone goes through the process of scheduling a meeting from the Calendar page, a Google Meet link will immediately be provided to them.

The meeting will automatically appear in the user’s Google Calendar. Amy (or Andrew), the AI, will show as a guest. Scheduled Meeting in Google Calendar optionally appends a reschedule link to the notes area of any Google Calendar event that includes an invitee.

Incidentally, non-Google meeting apps such as Zoom integrate with Google Calendar by way of an add-on.

For a Google Workspace user who would like the flexibility of using either Google Meet, Zoom or another meeting app, they can install add-ons for one or more third party meeting apps—provided these apps are whitelisted if a Google Workspace organization only allows users to install whitelisted add-ons.

Google Calendar Event: Add Conferencing

Getting started with has a highly functional free plan. A limitation of the free plan is that it only supports one calendar. For many business users, the ability for a scheduling app like to look at multiple calendars to ascertain availability is important. This would mean going with the Individual plan, which is $8 per month.

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