Using Google Drawings to Create “Live” Marketing CTAs

A best practice for B2B marketers is to include a call to action (CTA) image at the bottom of every blog post.

When a visitor clicks on the CTA image, they can be directed to a landing page that provides a free offer.

A common process for creating a marketing call to action graphic is to:

  1. Create an image in an image editor (or PowerPoint)
  2. Save the image to a local drive
  3. Upload the image to WordPress or to a marketing automation system’s files area
  4. Incorporate the image into one or more blog posts

If, for any reason you want to modify the CTA image, you need to repeat the entire process.

But, what if your CTAs could be “live” images, ones that you could modify in real time on all blog posts that display the same image?

What if you could have an easier way to individually customize the CTA for each blog post?

Creating and Publishing Live Marketing CTAs

Here are the steps for creating and publishing a live CTA, using Google Drawings, part of Google Apps for Work.

1. In Google Drive, create a new folder called Published to the Web. You’ll know that files in this folder are “live”, meaning that if they are modified, they will be immediately changed for the public too.

2. Click into this folder and create a new Drawing by clicking on the New button and then selecting More > Google Drawings

3. From the menus, select File > Page Setup

4. In the Page Setup box, select Custom and select Pixels from the units dropdown

5. Enter a pixel dimension that will approximately fit the width of your blog. We are using 590 x 264 for our CTA below.

6. Add the graphics and text for your CTA. This video goes into more detail:

7. From the menus, select File > Publish to the web…

8. Select the medium image size and click Publish

9. Copy the link (not the embed code)

10. Optionally shorten the link with the Google URL Shortener

11. In WordPress or in an HTML page, add code similar to the following to the bottom of your post, where the image source is the link you copied in step 9.

Live CTA WordPress Code

12. Optionally add comments to the Drawing so that you know where the CTA is used

In the spirit of practicing what we preach, here’s the custom marketing CTA for this post. This, of course, uses a live Google Drawings file.

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