Google Apps vs G Suite Search Popularity

Google rebranded Google Apps to G Suite in September of 2016. According to Google Trends, since the rebranding, “google apps” has continued to be the more dominant search term.

It’s possible that the intent of many people who use the search term “google apps” is to find information about Google Play apps as opposed to Google’s business apps. In fact, this ambiguity may have been one of the factors that led to the rebranding in the first place.

Here is the same chart for the trailing 12 months.

Globally, residents of Australia have shown the highest relative interest in the search term “g suite”. Residents of the United States and Canada showed the second and third highest relative interest, respectively.

Despite the fact that Google surely implemented all the standard SEO rebranding steps and more, this data shows that it can take time for a new brand to propagate through the minds of a target market’s members.

Some brands specifically rebrand for SEO purposes. Many people scratched their heads when they learned that Sleep Train, a well established brand would go to all the expense and effort to rebrand to Mattress Firm. Our immediate thought? SEO.

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