G Suite CRM Recommended by Google

G Suite CRMThe G Suite CRM that is getting the most attention these days is ProsperWorks.

In September 2017, ProsperWorks raised an additional $53 million in Series C funding. This made ProsperWorks the most highly funded CRM company among those founded in the last decade. Notably, one of the investors in this round was Google Ventures.

While many CRM systems have a Chrome extension for integrating with G Suite, ProsperWorks is the only CRM vendor that set out from the beginning to develop a G Suite CRM. This approach makes ProsperWork’s CRM functionality appear more native to G Suite compared to other vendors.

CRM continues to suffer from low adoption levels, especially among salespeople. One of the main reasons is that salespeople live in email. They do not always have the time or the patience to switch among applications. The more tightly integrated CRM is with Gmail and other G Suite components, the more time G Suite users will spend in CRM.

Many CRM systems are too complex for the average salesperson. Mature CRM systems have become bloated over time. ProsperWorks has stuck to the principle of “keeping it simple” for users.

By ProsperWorks’s CEO’s own admission, the ProsperWorks team “still has lots of work to do.” But for small businesses looking for a G Suite CRM, ProsperWorks should be on the short list.

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