The Five Most Viewed G Suite Videos

Most Viewed G Suite VideosThere are over 1,200 G Suite videos on the YouTube G Suite Channel.

While most G Suite videos are English language, there are videos in a variety of different languages.

Here are the five most popular English language videos. Three of the top five are 30 seconds in length, which means they are online commercials. Commercials are usually embedded in multiple pages across Google properties and other web properties.

1. Introducing G Suite (:30)

With over 8 million views, this 30 second video was created introduce G Suite. Google rebranded Google Apps for Work to G Suite in September 2016.

2. Inside a Google data center

Many people are interested in learning how Google stores and protects their data. Others are fascinated by the sheer scale of operations in a data center. This video brings a human element to a massive mechanical and electronic facility, while conveying important technical and physical security information.

3. Collaboration has gone Google

The idea of collaboration within G Suite is difficult to convey in words. This 30 second video makes the functionality and associated benefits clear. The video playfully hypothesizes how Daryl Hall and John Oats would have collaborated on the lyrics to “Maneater” from their respective desktops had they been using G Suite when they composed the lyrics.

4. Khan Academy runs on Google Cloud Platform

Khan Academy’s mission is a free world class education for anyone, anywhere. The focus of this video is on how Khan academy uses the “invisible infrastructure” of Google Cloud Platform to run their educational site. G Suite is not referenced in the video.

5. The Meeting has gone Google

While the sentiment of the top commenters on this video cannot be described as “overwhelmingly positive”, the arrogance of the team lead is used to drive home a point in this 30 second video. That point is that with video collaboration, full resolution of a topic can occur on the spot. The team can move on to the next thing.

Since this video was published, the new Google Hangouts Meet was been released.

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