CRM for Gmail and Google Workspace: Chrome Extensions

Many CRM users, especially salespeople, live in Gmail. Because of this, a number of CRM vendors have developed Chrome extensions that provide access to CRM functionality within consumer Gmail and business Gmail (Google Workspace). A Chrome extension is a software program that adds functionality to the Chrome browser.

Historically, Chrome extensions have had little to no user interface. In fact, the original intent of Google’s developers was for extensions to be minimalist. From a user interface perspective, many extensions are no more than a button on the address bar.

As an example of basic functionality of a CRM for Gmail Chrome extension, a CRM user can search for records, edit records and add records — all without leaving Gmail. Some CRM vendors have taken their Chrome extensions to entirely new levels.

In fact, many CRM Chrome extensions are an exception to the minimalist rule. Some of them alter the user interface substantially as you will see below.

Here are some of the vendors that have developed Chrome extensions for CRM to Gmail integration.

Copper CRM for Gmail

Copper is a Google recommended, Google Workspace compatible CRM system for small sales teams. The company’s Chrome extension adds a side panel to the Gmail interface with Contact details for the selected email message.

Copper CRM for Gmail Chrome Extension

Cirrus Insight

Cirrus Insight is a third party application that connects Gmail to Salesforce. Because email to Salesforce integration is all Cirrus Insight does, their Chrome extension is continuously updated with new features.

With 75 features (PDF) and counting, Cirrus Insight can be viewed as an entire sales enablement application that runs within a Chrome browser tab, on top of Gmail.

While CRM vendors provide their extensions free of charge, as a third party vendor, Cirrus Insight needs to charge for their extension. Their Starter plan is $19 per user per month and their Closer plan is $29 per user per month.

Cirrus Insight Google Workspace to Salesforce


Insightly’s Chrome extension lists the following features:

  • Create and view Leads, Contacts, Organizations, Opportunities and Projects in Insightly
  • Create and Assign Tasks
  • Manage Events
  • Search for Insightly Records
  • Save Important Emails & Attachments to Insightly
  • Edit Insightly Records On the Fly from Gmail


PipelineDeals recently announced their Chrome plugin to support Gmail integration. The following video explains the functionality.

Agile CRM

The features of Agile CRM’s Chrome extension for Gmail are show in this SlideShare:

The current functionality of the Chrome extension can be found here.

Revamp CRM

Revamp offers a Chrome extension for their small business CRM. Revamp lists the following features:

  • See where you left off and what is your next scheduled task
  • See a quick deals summary of won, lost and potential deals
  • Add notes, tasks or deals with a simple click
  • Capture active email right into Revamp CRM

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