G Suite vs Google Workspace: Rebranding and Search

Rebrand on Google SearchIn September, 2016 Google rebranded Google Apps [for Work, for Education] to G Suite. In October, 2020 Google rebranded G Suite to Google Workspace.

In our opinion, Google Workspace is a much stronger brand name than G Suite. “Google” is better than “G.” “Workspace” is better than “Suite”, especially in today’s world.

What we observed in Google Trends about the first rebranding is that it took years for G Suite to leapfrog Google Apps as a search term.

This may have been partly due to brand overlap between Google Apps [for Work, for Education] and the then Google Apps Store, later rebranded Google Play.

Google Trends: Google Apps vs G Suite

We would expect Google Workspace to overtake G Suite in search much faster than G Suite overtook Google Apps. In fact, in just the first few days, Google Workspace grabbed a decent share of search from G Suite.

Google Trends: G Suite vs Google Workspace

As FastCompany pointed out, the new brand confusion might be Workspace vs. Workplace. Even Google itself has accidentally used “Google Workplace” in a few online references.

Some brands specifically rebrand for SEO purposes. Many people scratched their heads when they learned that Sleep Train, a well established brand would go to all the expense and effort to rebrand to Mattress Firm. Our immediate thought was “for search, of course.”

While SEO was not the intent behind the rebranding, Google will likely benefit from a search perspective. That’s only fitting.

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